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Alvin L.A. Horn

Alvin L.A. Horn is an author and spoken word artist and musician His poetry, short stories and novels are the byproduct of growing up in the "liberal on the surface" Seattle lifestyle. He feels his writing was triggered by his mother sending him to the library when she placed him "on restriction, often for daydreaming in school. Introduced to the likes of Richard Wright and Zora Neale Hurston and Nikki Giovanni, Alvin knew he wanted to be a writer of fictions and poetry.

  Alvin's writings have appeared in many periodicals ranging from fiction to erotica, and nonfiction. Alvin has self-published, and been published by Simon and Schuster and other publishers. 

 Alvin works in the field of education working with at-risk kids.   He is the 2012 Billboard Awards Best Male Expressionist of the year Erotic- sensual Romantic spoken word Artist and novelist and poetry

Latest Novel By Alvin L.A. Horn

A passage from the new highly anticipated novel “BAD BEFORE GOOD & THOSE IN BETWEEN” A very good story, of Murder Mystery, and Romance on Seattle’s Beacon Hill. 

 “Zelda, it is no fairytale for us women. Men have dropped their drawls mentally at some time for less desirable women than the woman he has in his life supporting him. We women want to believe in the fairytale of Never, Never Land, shall my man stray. Somehow, we say things like, Just don’t let me hear about it, and He bet not make some baby out there, or even, Don’t bring anything home. 

  “We have been thinking and saying those types of things for a very long time, to which men feel it’s a license to spread his seed just as long as it doesn’t sprout, and just as long as we don’t find out what other fields he tends to.” 

 We watched the elderly man pull some weeds out of the ground and toss to the side. We started to walk again as the kids kept playing tag. 

  “Zelda, what is your relationship status, if you don’t mind me asking.”  

 “I’m focused right now on my stepdad, the house, and earning and saving money. If a man were to enter into my life, I’m not so sure I know how to do that.”  

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